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March 10, 2012
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.:Mass Effect 3 OC Ref + Profile:. by alexpc901 .:Mass Effect 3 OC Ref + Profile:. by alexpc901
First Name: Maiya (pronounced: May-ya)
Last Name: Unknown
Age: 26(in apperance, real age will come later)
Gender: Female
Race: WIP (original race in my head, still needs working)
System: Also WIP
Planet: WIP (it's snowy though >.< all the planets in the system are)
Blood: Specific to her race, it's blue and cold as ice
Powers: Maiya's race is fully bionic, but they aren't really trained to use it in combat.
Weapons: Assorted pistols, her race was never trained for war, since they lived peacefully and undiscovered....until the reapers found them.
Occupation:Maiya was a priestess in her city's temple to the "divines"
Class: (unknown)
Bio: (just a little basic one until i got her race and such figured out! ))

Maiya comes from a peaceful race of alien beings, who were fairly undiscovered until the reaper invasion. Her race were thought of as a mere myth, who never thought they would see war.

Maiya was one of few who were able to escape their homeworld to the citadel, surprising the inhabitents there. her world was one of the first to fall, though undetected. Even though this young preistess was far from her frozen tundra, not trained to use her biotic powers for combatm she insisted in joining Commander Shepard in this quest to raise an army. She made an effort to ttrain herself in combat, learning to use an assortment of pistols with the help of James.

Seeing as her casual appearence, like most of her people, was very elegant, she madea drastic change in her attire for combat. It uses a special armor that is as clear as glass but definitly not as fragile.



just a few extra points about her un-named race:

•Their outfits consist of mostly cool colors
•Their white hair always fades to either light ice blue out a cool purple. If their hair is very long, there is probably more colors in it (like Maiya's)
•It's rare for her race to have all White hair (or any solid color) but it happens.
•The race has been undiscovered, considered only a myth
•The race is made up of mostly biotics
•Peaceful race, never thought they'd see war
• Worships 4 "divines"
•Uusally 2 pristesses and 3 priests of the divines in every temple.
•Their blood is blue and ice cold
•Thier skin has blue tints to it, and they have cicuklar markings that vary for each person
•Their eyes are usually always white or silver, on rare occasions they are ice blue ore light purple
•They are used to freezing tempretures, and it takes time for them to adjust to the warmness, though their outfites never really change. Though in the heat they might get lighter.
• A very human/elf like race of aliens

and that's all for now XD The males of the race in my head are quite hot. XD LOL

anywayy i'll update this as i think of stuff so keep an eye out for an updated version!

so yea :D

Mass Effect 3 (c) Bioware
Maiya & her race (c) Me :iconalexpc901:
Base: [link] :iconthehword:
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